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This is a place where preteens start to own their faith and make it their own. Many preteens start asking questions about who they are (identity). They may say,”I know God, but how is He real to me, what’s my purpose, does God really answer my prayers.”

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On Sunday, the Preteen Ministry meets during both the 10:00  A.M. and 11:30 A.M. services. This ministry is specifically designed for the 5th and 6th grader who will have an opportunity to connect with their friends, meet other preteens, build relationships with their leaders and have the freedom to express themselves.

The services are filled with a live band, dramas, multimedia,  and crazy fun games.

Every third Friday we have a themed hangout night where the preteens bring their friends in a non-threatening environment. We play team games, competition games, play loud music, and have food and drinks. This is a safe place where new and old friendships can be built.